About Us

Scott and I moved to Tug Hill in 2015 after living and working in Siberia for 6 years doing development work with InterAct Ministries.

Scott, native to this area, comes from a long line of “green thumbs” and has always taken great pleasure in gardening. He’s always dreamed of turning his garden into more than just a hobby. Hopefully someday Tug’s Market Garden will be large enough for him to leave his day-job and focus on his dream of homesteading in the middle of the snowbelt.

I work largely in “human resources” taking care of the needs of our 2 little “employees”. But when I’m not changing diapers, cooking and doing laundry I bake bread, do the books and communicate with you!

My family, beef ranchers in Wyoming, was never really into gardening but one thing my mom did pass on to me was a joy in baking bread. Having fresh homemade bread is a priority in our house. (There’s something just not right about bread with a shelf life of more than 3 weeks and a zillion ingredients.) I have a small kitchen and no “Kitchen Aid” but am working hard to provide folks with REAL bread. Check out my fresh breads or come try a sample at the Watertown Farmers’ Market on Wednesday!

We are passionate about God and His plan of redemption in Christ for all of Creation. Whether it’s caring for nature or showing love and grace to people, we strive to be part of God’s plan in bringing all of Creation back to Himself.


From our family to yours, our real food is sure to be a real treat!