Thank you!

I’m catching my breath this morning after a whirlwind of a season, reflecting on God’s goodness!

I was blessed to meet some beautiful new people this season and very much enjoyed getting to know familiar faces even better. A big thank you to all my fellow friendly vendors for your moral support and for all of you patrons for shopping local and supporting our local farmers’ markets!

And a big thank you to God who gave me strength and ability to bake much! He also smiled upon us every Wednesday with wonderful rain-free weather! He also helped my littlest helpers, Albin (3) and Lydia (1.5) be patient and understanding with Momma as she baked.

What will we be doing in the off season?

Expanding our bread line and sales – I hope to start stocking a couple new, local stores with my breads and add some gluten free breads. Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on where you can buy our fresh bread in the “off season”!

Improving our garden and grow potential – Our garden this year was quite disappointing for a number of reasons (breaking new ground, cold, rainy weather, moving mid season, too many other work commitments, etc.). But we are poising ourselves for next year with a greenhouse, improved soil, more drainage and a small garden tractor. We are excited about the potential and praying for yummy berries and veggies for next year!


2 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. I’m so overjoyed to read how God is strengthening and encouraging you 4:) Excited for your business and the opportunities that it brings to spread the love of Christ! Someday I hope to make it over to you and try your tasty goods. Thinking of you all and love you!!


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