Thanks for another great week!

The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed seeing our customers on Wednesday’s market!

Hope to see you next week!

Food and Family

Our kids LOVE FOOD! (They take after their mother…) It is so much fun to eat food that we grew ourselves. Here’s a shot of us after enjoying food at Jeb’s (in Lowville) and also a couple pics of OUR food.

Breakfast – french toast made with Tug’s Market Challah bread and eggs with sautĂ©ed beet greens

Dinner – a chicken salad complete with tons of greens and lettuce right from the back yard!

Other yummy dishes we enjoy:

Kale salad (chopped raw kale mixed with bacon, sunflower seeds, craisins, onions and tossed in a mayo vinegar, sugar dressing)

Tomato cucumber sandwiches (made with Sourdough Sandwich bread and BEEF STAKE tomatoes)

Carrot bake (shredded carrots with butter, salt and pepper)

Quiche with beet greens (Eggs, cream, onions, lots of beet greens, fried sausage and tons of cheese all on a press in the pan pie crust)

Green beans sautéed in butter and garlic

Come pic up some yummy food for your family at the Watertown Farm and Craft market on Wednesday! We’d love to see you there!