What we do in our “spare time”

0710161428aWe thank God for giving us the time and energy to work hard to bring you quality food! We have been staying busy wearing our many hats (trucker, gardener, mom, and baker just to name a few).

It’s hard work. Just when we start to wonder if it’s worth it all we get positive feed back from our customers! It makes my whole week when someone walks up to our booth at the farmers market and says they enjoyed their lettuce or bread and have come back for more!

We appreciate our customers and hope you appreciate our quality produce and bread!


This week at Tug’s

Joining the ranks at Tug’s Market Garden booth tomorrow will be:


MIZUNA mustard


These great additions to any salad will add to our collection of fresh garden GREENS (bagged mix and beets), LETTUCE (bagged mix, butter crunch head lettuce, alkindus (red) head lettuce) and  SPINACH.

Best sellers last week were our BABY CARROTS, BEETS, RADISHES, and edible podded PEAS.

For our bread fans, there will also be our sourdough, breakfast bread, Challah) and Monkey Bread Muffins 🙂

We hope to see you tomorrow at the Watertown Farm and Craft Market!!